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Top Things to See While You Are in Japan

For those vacationers who are still searching for a place where their budget will meet their every whim and desire, you have come to the right place. Japan is a country of great beauty where the approaching future will not intrude, a shining city where the approaching future does not intimidate, a country where the past is still alive and well, and a people who are not only proud of their history but willing to share that history with you, using your own eyes to bring the past to life.

The country of Japan is full of wonders and the sampling of these wonders is limited only by your imagination. However, the following are only some of the top things to see while you are in Japan. Meantime, while you are enjoying the beauty of Japan, a mortgage broker Riverside, will take care of the deal you arranged.

The mystery of Japanese museums

If you are a museum lover, a must-see will be the museum in your hotel. You will be invited to sit in the maiden’s place and be given a chance to see the tea garden in the background. Sit in the visitor’s place and view the changing of the guards and then take a seat to see the changing of the guests. Another must-see is the museum of warriors and artisans. There are many sections to see different aspects of Japanese history and art from woodblock artists to geisha to warrior artifacts. You will also see a battlefield. This battlefield is in the middle of the 12th century. You will also see a rock garden. Bring your camera when you are here. You will see no war weapons here but many bicycle and scooter crafts made in Japan.

Visit the National Museum of Liege. Learn all about the struggles of the city through its many exhibits. The original mansion was used as well as hideouts and an officer’s quarters. There are also many arts and crafts and food items to see.

The Kyoto residence of the monks is a must-see. Visit the Gion, Chionboshiion, and Houshana guesthouses. These residences were used as hiding places by monks and for food supply. The high priest of the temple is still alive and active today.

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Other interesting things to see

For the shopper, hope you get a chance to see the famous Bays offers. Located on the Sumida river this is a great place to find all types of antiques and even has a museum. It is also famous as the place to get your picture taken with Edo Gion. Make sure you bargain before making any purchases and always look left and right before you make a purchase. The post office is good a distance from the Gion so you can mail home the pictures.

The Gion is the perfect place to eat. It has everything from Japanese steaks to stewed carp to local favorites such as yuk Mekong. They also have specialty dishes such as ate rice balls around 2,000 yen a pop. Don’t forget to save room for the antiques in the temple.

Visit the Sumida river. Bring a bag lunch and picnic food and hike up to the viewing platform. You can also take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Sumida river by staying in the private coffee house, right outside the walled city. There is also yoga in retreats right outside the coffee house.

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When you return to Tokyo, you’ll be tempted by the many vending machine failures. Put your money and any electronics in a convenient place as they are pretty costly. If you don’t want to spend the money on a month-long trip to Tokyo, stay for a weekend and return to your home country. Before you leave, print out directions and a map and take a city tour to familiarize yourself with the area. The city is very large and you will not get lost as long as you follow your guide. You can visit this website and find the best vehicle for you.

Tokyo is a great place to visit – check it out on your next trip. As a souvenir, you can buy japanese shears which are one of the highest quality in the world.

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