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Things Old People Do for Fun

Below are some great ideas for seniors to try.

1. Art/Drawing/Painting

If you’ve never picked up the pencil or paintbrush to create an artwork, it’s not too time to start. Many elderly people have discovered hidden talents that they were unable to discover when younger. Grandma Moses, for example, revolutionized the art world after she started painting in her late 70s to portray her childhood on a farm. After years of painting, Paul Cezanne didn’t have any artistic success until his 60s and 50s, and artist Bill Traylor started sketching when he became homeless at age 85. He created over 1,000 paintings during his lifetime.

2. Go to the Local Senior Center

Check out the local senior center to see the types of entertainment options they provide to their patrons. The assisted living Newport beach center is an excellent place to meet other people in your age group with similar interests. You may even choose to eat meals in the center several times per week for a chance to get together or take part in regular events! Alongside fun-filled activities, many senior centers provide health screenings as well as other vital services to seniors within these communities. If you’re a professional with a unique talent, for instance, a nursing or nutrition degree or a nutrition degree, you may be able to contribute your expertise to help the residents of the center as an outlet to keep your skills sharp while also contributing something important to the local community.

3. Journaling/Writing

There are numerous activities such as art and writing that almost need a professional or at the very least a mature eye or voice to convey something worth mentioning in the eyes of the public. A number of well-known, extremely successful authors didn’t even begin their writing careers until they reached their 60s or more, therefore, if you’ve not thought about putting pen to the paper to write something that readers, it’s fine.

Laura Ingalls Wilder is a famous author who didn’t capture her stories in writing until she reached the age of 65 old and Frank McCourt didn’t record his stories of growing up poor youth until he was 66. If you have something to share, it might be time to write it down on paper and just journal for your own enjoyment, create a blog, could even decide to publish your work.

3. Hiking/Nature

As people age, their endurance decreases, but this shouldn’t hinder you from taking a hike and enjoying nature and hiking! In lieu of pushing yourself to your limits, set different goals for yourself like searching for and identifying plants in the area you live in. If you live in a part of the globe that is near an animal reservoir or a state and national park you may want to look for quiet spots near trails to rest and gaze at wildlife. Natural surroundings are enjoyable, no matter what your age, and there’s no need to get exhausted trying to find ways to be a part of it!

4. Theater

It doesn’t matter whether you participate in local theaters or you gather a group of pals and meet for a meal and entertainment at your local dinner at the theater on a regular basis! You can support the local theater scene by volunteering in the areas of sound and lighting, or just by buying tickets regularly to attend performances. Many theaters are always in need of financial support of some type or another, therefore being present on the screen or within the crowd will be welcome in the end. Theaters are a wonderful place to explore innovative ideas while sharing a meal with a group of friends.

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