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Tokyo is the city that never sleeps! Almost all the entertainment centers in Tokyo are open all day, and we recommend you to visit these centers on comfort bikes Ontario and nightlife in Tokyo is as pleasurable as daytime. Here are the most recommended activities and things to see in Tokyo at night!


Robot Restaurant brings a large number of tourists such as famous celebrities and many of them did photo and video shoots there, too. Most famously, Anthony Bourdain called Robot Restaurant “the greatest show in the world”. In the entry of Robot Restaurant, there are a lot of photos and autographs of famous people taken at their visits.

Despite it is called “restaurant”, it is similar to a performance show that features dazzling neon light, laser beams, colourful decor, unique robots, acrobatic Kawaii dancers and loud music. This eye-popping robot extravaganza is like nothing that you’ve ever seen in anyplace else.

While seeing a great deal of traditional sides of Japan, it is time to face the craziness that the nation is weirdly great at. Robot Restaurant merged all the craziness that Japan can provide and exhibit in the most amazing way.

Rediscovering Tokyo's Robot Restaurant - GaijinPot


Gazing town view from skyscrapers is just one of must-do items in Tokyo. Tokyo has amounts of amazing observatories to see the panoramic view of the city even including Kanto region and Mountain Fuji when the visibility is great throughout the day.

Additionally the views are much more spectacular at night when the whole city glows like a jewel box. Here are some of the most recommended observatory decks which you shouldn’t miss in Tokyo: Tokyo tower, Tokyo Skytree, Mori Tower..

5 Best Observatories in Tokyo - Japan Web Magazine


Shibuya commands a younger local crowd, that patronize the numerous clubs, pubs, dance lounges, restaurants and casinos where you can Serie A bet. Shibuya is also home to the Love Hotel Hill using a high concentration of love hotels.

Shibuya is somewhat less seedy and more easily accessible to foreign tourists without Japanese vocabulary comprehension than Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district.

30 Cool & Quirky Things to Do in Shibuya, Tokyo's Iconic Area! | LIVE JAPAN  travel guide


There are lots of different areas in Tokyo where many neighborhood Izakaya pubs are gathered. Joining some of Izakaya hopping tours might be the perfect way to explore the local drinking culture. Sip some Sake and enjoy Japanese pub food to go through the local nightlife in Japan!

Shibuya and Asakusa are two most well-known regions to explore Tokyo’s nightlife besides Shinjuku area. Shibuya area offers a youthful and energetic nightlife that’s perfect for trendy foodie travellers. On the flip side, Asakusa is the ideal area to learn the retro and historical culture of Tokyo.

If you want to know the old-fashioned nightlife of Tokyo as opposed to modern and glaring nightlife, Asakusa is much more for you. Check out the links below for more details about the night food tour in Shibuya and Asakusa areas.

Sendai Japanese Izakaya Bar Hopping Tour, Kyushu/Fukuoka & Kumamoto

Be aware that Tokyo is a demanding city and that you will need a lot of strength and energy to withstand all the efforts. So it would be a good idea to try softwave therapy before embarking on Tokyo’s nightlife.


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Japanese Islands

Japanska ostrva

Japan is a classic travel destination, mixing ancient cultural customs with a love of high-tech technologies. You’d be forgiven for believing that the country is just one enormous landmass, but it is really a volcanic archipelago composed of 6,852 Japanese islands. Of these, just 420 are occupied.
But there are lots of small outlying islands that are equally worthy of a visit. A number of them provide natural wonders like active volcanoes, bubbling hot springs, tropical shores, and virgin forests which are occupied by deer, cranes, monkeys, bears, and other wildlife. This scene is often in our imagination or movies. It happens that we envy all actors who visit places like this and still they are paid for that. If you wanna be one of them, please take acting classes and improve your talents.
To inspire you to find this gorgeous nation’s lesser-known treasures, we have compiled a listing of our choices for the greatest Japanese islands to explore. You can go fishing while you are there but is advisable to consult with local people and to check the fishing forecast before you go on your own hand.


One of the four main Japanese islands, Hokkaido is the 2nd biggest, but just 5 percent of the nation’s entire population resides there. It is the furthest north and south developed of the principal islands, loved for its unspoiled all-natural beauty and wide open spaces.

Biei town, Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is a location of untouched wilderness, together with ancient woods, areas of alpine wildflowers, blue caldera lakes, and natural hot springs. Summer brings nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, that make the most of this island’s hiking, biking, and outdoor adventure activities. The weather is unpleasant, as cold fronts from Siberia bring enormous snowfall, sub-zero temperatures, and even arctic seas.
There is also a superb fish scene , and the majority of the nation’s remaining native people, the Ainu people, telephone Hokkaido home.

Sado Island

As a result of its isolation, it had been a destination for political exile. The most obvious figures banished here would be the prior Emperor Juntoku, the Buddhist monk Nichiren, along with the creator of Noh, Zeami Motokiyo. Sado isn’t any longer a location for exile, but these compelled residents made an aristocratic society, and traces of the distinctive culture and spiritual life remains now.

Sado Island

Among Sado’s largest cultural attractions is the yearly Earth Celebration, which will be a music festival held every August from the world renowned taiko group, the Kodo Drummers. While drums are the principal tool, these performances consist of other traditional Japanese tools, including fue and shamisen, in addition to conventional dancing and vocals.
Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, Sado was fundamental to Japan’s market, and brought samurai and tradesmen from throughout the nation. This left a distinctive cultural imprint on the island, such as traditional artforms such as Mumyoi-yaki (clay pottery), the Sado Okesa dancing, Sado Noh (classic Japanese musical play ), and puppet plays.



Kyushu is the third and second largest of the primary Japanese islands, using a comprehensive history, contemporary cities, and abundant all-natural resources. Due to the volcanic landscape, you will find excellent onsens (Japanese hot springs) almost anywhere.
The Western mainland was populated since ancient times, therefore there is a whole lot of rich history . Historical ruins, ancient tombs, and reproductions can be located on Kyushu. Among the principal attractions is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Yakushima, an early woods with Western Cedar trees around 2,100 years of age.
Now Kyushu also supplies cosmopolitan cities, beaches, and farmland (plants include rice, tea, tobacco, and citrus fruits), and a tiny, isolated archipelago from the shore.


It is most famous for its abundance of alpine flowers, which can not be seen anywhere else on the planet. The island’s trademark blossom is your usuyukiso (or even Rebun edelweiss), however you will find up to 300 distinct blooms here. You’re able to observe these flowers throughout the island, such as at sea level. Everywhere else on earth, alpine blossoms are only discovered at altitudes of approximately 5,000 feet.

Rebun Island

Cycling and hiking are all popular activities on Rebun, also there is an 8-hour hiking trek that leads from 1 end of the island to another. This may be divided into two segments for a briefer 4-hour increase, but all paths include exquisite scenery and magnificent flowers. This hiking track is quite popular in Japan, but the problem that arises is that the track and nature around it became very polluted, due to many visitors. There wer many cleaning efforts made buy the people & commercial cleaning Manassas services. Rebun can also be home to some Chasi–a hilltop fortification of the native Ainu men and women.


Rishiri is your neighboring island of Rebun, also belongs to the exact same National Park. Additionally, it supplies an alpine flower display in the summertime. However, Rishiri, that means “island using a tall summit” in the Ainu language, is popular during winter because of its skiing and ski terrains.


The scale requires a complete day and introduces some tough terrain, but overall, this is a scenic highlight of the Western islands, along with the scenic views from the very best stretch over to Rebun and Hokkaido.
During summer you could also spend the cycling street to circumnavigate the shore (which takes approximately 5 to 7 hours). There are a range of bicycle rental places throughout the island.


Teuri is a small island off the western shore of Hokkaido, and a part of those Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi National Park. This is a refuge for nesting seabirds, and also the breeding ground for more than a million birds of eight distinct species. Most noteworthy among these are the most frequent murre, which is presently facing extinction in Japan, and also the black-tailed gull.


March is the best time for birdwatching, and you will find just four monitoring platforms installed throughout the island. The island provides a chance to find the spectacled guillemot, among the planet’s rarest birds, along with the rhinoceros auklet. If you go into the viewing platform at Akaishi around sunset, you are able to observe the birds capture fish.
The whole colony has been designated as a National Natural Treasure at 1938. Watching the enormous flocks of seabirds is an amazing sight, particularly around the towering sea cliffs of the island’s west shore.


Cat Island

Tashirojima is informally called “Cat Island” because it is a little fishing village in which cats outnumber humans four to one! There are a few hundred felines on the island, in which they are worshipped and cared for with its 100 individual inhabitants.
The cats have been initially brought more than pest management to keep mice away in the island’s silkworm farms. However, if the silk business left the island much of its population followed and the cats continued to replicate.
Now cat fans from all over the globe traveling to Tashirojima to socialize with all the strays, which freely roam the roads and pose for photographs for tourists. Be aware that the island isn’t so nicely set up for tourism: There are not many stores or public restrooms accessible, and no restaurants at all. Visitors are requested to take their trash home with them, and dogs aren’t welcome.

Miyajima / Itsukushima

A little island situated less than one hour out Hiroshima, Miyajima is a favorite day excursion; over 4 million tourists visit this UNESCO World Heritage Website each year! The postcard-worthy shot this is of those floating torii gate, that has been rated among the finest views in all Japan. Constructed on the water, at high tide the gate seems to float.
This nickname has stuck, in spite of the fact that the island is really known as Itsukushima. It had been considered a sacred place, together with several Buddhist temples, historical monuments, and shrines. Among the chief sights in the island would be that the centuries-old Itsukushima Shinto Shrine, that can be constructed over the water. Visitors can also increase through the virgin woods of sacred Mt. Misen.

Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan at the great gate of Itsukushima shrine (gate sign reads Itsukushima Shrine)

The Japanese island keeps a conventional Edo-era appearance; crazy deer roam freely, joyful to mingle with tourists and chew on whatever may be lying about.

If this list of interesting islands of Japan isn`t really your thing, you can always visit Tokyo, the city of technology. There you can enjoy the real feeling of the metropolis, but due to covid you may not be able to do much restaurants and cafes visiting, however there are many online options you can try, such as food delivery, online shopping and online casino.

Never the less, we really hope you will throughly enjoy your stay in Japan.

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