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How to smoke Dabs

Shatter, Budder, and wax–the world of cannabis concentrates is oh-so-fun to explore. But to get the most of these highly powerful, concentrated extracts, you need to learn how to smoke the right amount.

Smoking a dab will involve heating your concentrate to its vapor point, and then inhaling the vapors in the collaboration of terpenes and cannabinoids. As long as you follow a few easy tips, there are many methods to smoke a dab.

How to smoke Dabs using Dab Rig

Of the many ways to smoke dabs, dab equipment is the preferred method. There’s a choice between either a traditional dab rig or one that has an e-nail (electric nail).

Standard Dab Rig

By far, the most popular way to smoke dabs is through a simple dab rig. There are all sorts of fancy rigs, but they typically have the same components which include a chamber that houses water and a mouthpiece for inhaling the smoke, a dome that encapsulates hot vapors, and an instrument to heat the dab.

To make use of a dab rig get rid of the dome then heat the nail, replace the dome, apply your dab onto the nail with a dabber or dab tool, then inhale. A majority of people put an e-cap over it to regulate the temperature and flow of vapors.

Electric Dab Rig

The electric dab-rig operates similar to a regular dab rig with one notable difference: the device uses electricity to warm the metal nail so you don’t have to do it manually. One benefit of using an electric dab machine with an e-mail is the fact that you have greater control over the temperature.

When you are using some concentrates like THC oils, it is essential to ensure a steady temperature in order to safeguard the terpenes in the concentrate and prevent bad flavors. But this precise control of temperature makes e-rigs an ideal choice for concentrates, such as live resin or terp sauce.

How to smoke Dabs without a Dab Rig

T-Wax (rolled into a joint)

T-waxing can be a common method to smoke dabs however, it’s a bit messy. If you’ve got some great bud and a good concentrate, all you need to do is add a small amount of the concentrate you’ve chosen to your weed as you roll in a joint. This is most effective with some of the thicker concentrates like budder and sugar wax. Concentrates that are thinner like RSO oils could make it very difficult to have a great flame once you’ve started.


Vaping concentrates can be an easy thing to do if you have the proper setup and offers one of the best ways to smoke dabs while on the go. You’ll require a setup that has a separate atomizer and battery so that you are able to easily put your dab directly on the atomizer (heating coil). The trick is to find the correct temperature at which the concentrate will begin to melt, therefore you will need a good vaping set-up that allows you to have an adjustable temperature.

Other vaping options aside from “vape pens” include the cannabis vaporizers specifically designed for concentrates. These vaporizers are excellent for those who don’t like cartridges and would rather use other types of concentrates in addition to those who prefer taking their dabs wherever they go.


A healthstone is a specially designed stone that can be put inside the bowl of a bong or inside a standard pipe. The stone is porous, so the smoke from the burned dab flows through the stone, down the bong or pipe, and then out by way of the mouthpiece. The stone is simply added into the bowl, heat your healthstone to the proper temperature, then add your dab, puff, and relax.

Hot-Knife Method

If you’re lacking anything else at hand, the hot-knife method is the most basic, the easiest way to get one dab. You simply heat up a metal butter knife on the stove or using a torch lighter, drop your dab on the hot surface, then breathe in the vapors using a straw. This process can produce many waste products and could be risky because you have to be aware of not burning your hands, but it is a viable option in the event of a need.

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