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Ghibli Museum – art at its finest

If you ever wanted to visit Tokyo, one of the stops you have to make is Ghibli Museum. Whether or not you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli, this place will surely make you love it more. From the tickets that are made of pieces of the actual 35mm film that was used in theaters to the reading room, this Museum is offering you a limitless amount of fun, family time. The museum is very clean, and if you want your surroundings to be like that, contact a commercial cleaning manassas.

The Museum is placed in Mitaka, a district in Tokyo. It is a short bus ride or 20-minute walk through Inokashira Park from Kichijoji Station. Near the museum you can locate a lot of places to check out the best betting odds for the games you like.

The essentials of the Museum are a special thing we have to talk about. If you look up at the celling you will have an amazing sight for your eyes. Especially if you adore fresco painting. You can see a blue sky and a smiling, shiny Sun in the center. If you look carefully, you may see Kiki on her broom, Nausicaä on her jet glider, or other characters flying through the sky.

One of the special rooms you can find within this “palace of joy” is a little boy’s room – a gift from grandpa.

This is one of the five rooms on the first floor called “Where a Film is Born“. The room seems to belong to someone who was sketching at the desk just a few minutes ago. The room is filled with books and toys. The walls are all covered with illustrations and sketches. Hanging from the ceiling are a model of an airplane and a model of a Pteranodon. It’s a place where the owner of the room has stored his favorite things. This room provides lots of inspiration for what will go on to the blank piece of paper on the desk to become the origin of an actual film.

After walking through the five rooms, you will get an idea of how an animated film is made. With a little bit of an idea and a flash of inspiration, a filmmaker struggles with his work and ultimately completes the film.

Everyone, a child or an adult, have their separate tickets. Tickets cost 1000 yen ($9). Tickets are given over to visitors here in exchange for reservation coupons. Buy your ticket now and enjoy!

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