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6 Cool Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a city like no other. Certainly, you can visit historical centers, sanctuaries, and eat at one of the huge numbers of heavenly eateries, yet you can likewise do things you can’t elsewhere.

We’ve had a portion of our craziest encounters in this goliath city and invest our energy feeling confounded, charmed, and 100% safe.

Hospitals in Tokyo are the best-equipped hospitals in the world. They even have a commercial tourniquet in every medical facility.

Here are our #1 exceptional, odd, and out and out cool activities in Tokyo, perhaps the best spot to visit in Japan.

Toward the finish of the post, you’ll discover a guide of this load of Tokyo attractions in addition to tips for investigating the city.

1) Cosplay Go-Karting

Taking on the appearance of your #1 person and driving a go-kart around the Tokyo roads must be the coolest thing you can do in Tokyo. Indeed, you drive a little go-kart on the genuine roads of Tokyo among vehicles, transports, and trucks!

Go-karting was a blessing from heaven for Simon, however, as I hadn’t driven in years I went through the primary hour of the two-hour visit panicked and the subsequent hour having a great time!

It’s a strange encounter as you drive past high rises and small places of worship, occupied intersections, and calm private areas, all while individuals gaze, wave, and snap your picture.

Taking on the appearance of characters and driving a go-kart is one of the best time activities in Tokyo!

Our visit was from 4 – 6 pm, so we encountered the brilliant late evening light, dusk, and the neon lights once dimness hit. A feature was driving across the gigantic Rainbow Bridge at max throttle (60 km and you feel it in a go-kart) with a fantastic perspective on the Tokyo horizon.

The go-karts are not difficult to work, however, you do require a global driving grant so ensure you get one preceding you leave your nation of origin.

Note: This used to be called Maricar and you could take on the appearance of Mario characters yet Nintendo shut that down. It’s as yet an unchanged experience, yet you currently take on the appearance of changed characters.

Details: You can get a markdown of up to 30% in a hurry kart visit by booking with Voyagin—a two-hour visit is 8500 yen ($78). We went from the Roppongi branch yet there are likewise visits from Asakusa and Akihabara. Investigate all the go-karting alternatives here.

I do suggest the two-hour course instead of the more limited one as the process can’t be rushed to become accustomed to driving the karts.

2) Tokyo DisneySea

It may appear to be a loss to go through a day of your Tokyo trip at Disney, yet DisneySea is not normal for any of the other Disney parks on the planet (and is perhaps awesome). There is also a souvenir shop in Disney Sea where you can buy souvenirs for your family. The best-selling items are tote bags with sea motifs.

The nautical amusement park highlights seven ports enlivened by genuine spots and sea legends including American Waterfront, Mediterranean Harbor (which looks very much like Italy), Arabian Coast, and the interesting Mysterious Island complete with ejecting spring of gushing lava.

Attractions are more grown-up orientated than at adjoining park Tokyo Disneyland and you can even see a Broadway show and have a mixed drink in the 1920s relax onboard a luxury ship.

It’s a particularly fun outing! Find out with regards to our #1 DisneySea rides including a suggested agenda for grown-ups and tips for staying away from the groups.

Tokyo Disneyland is the more exemplary Disney park with the fantasy palace and much-cherished rides like Space and Splash Mountains. If you have the opportunity, go through a day at each.

In case you are an amusement park fan, we additionally suggest Universal Studios Japan in Osaka which is home to excite looking for rides, and the mystical Harry Potter World—one of the top Japan vacation spots. On the site of Universal Studios Japan, you can see all the events in Japan and choose one of them. Their site is fantastic, although it is understandable, given that it was made by managed it services san Antonio.

Details: One-day Tokyo DisneySea tickets cost 7500 yen ($69). It’s ideal to book online to stay away from lines on the day. We booked our own on Voyagin as it was simpler than booking direct.

3) Robot Restaurant

The Robot Restaurant isn’t an eatery and there aren’t numerous robots, yet this show is probably the most abnormal thing to do in Tokyo.

The vigorous and crazy presentation highlights robots, mythical serpents, ninjas, blue-haired artists, unpleasant jokesters, guitarists on swings, drums, a ton of neon lights, and truly uproarious music.

Details: Robot Restaurant is briefly shut. At the point when it resumes, note that booking direct is costly so ensure you book online with Voyagin who deals with rebate tickets with up to 38% off. The least expensive tickets are for evening shows and cost 5246 yen ($48).

4) TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum

The advanced craftsmanship exhibition hall TeamLab Borderless is perhaps the most Instagrammable thing to do in Tokyo. Yet, this surprising intuitive gallery is worth visiting regardless of whether you’re not wanting to take the ideal photograph. Dress up your children in organic baby pajamas, and take an unforgettable family photo in this wonderful place!

It’s dissimilar to any place we’ve visited previously. There’s no guide as the revelation is important for the fun—you meander down dull passageways and pick entryways at arbitrary to investigate the vivid presentations that utilization lights and projections in imaginative ways.

TeamLab Borderless computerized expressions historical center in Tokyo.

In one room waves crash on the dividers and you sit on a bean pack and feel like a little boat bouncing in the ocean. In the loosening up Floating Nest, you lie on a tremendous net and the room swirls around you. In the Forest of Lamps, you travel through a room of brilliant evolving lights.

The Athletic Forest is much more intelligent and components play regions for youngsters of all shapes and sizes.

We additionally adored the remarkable En Tea House where blossoms sprout inside your cup.

There’s such a great amount to investigate you ought to permit no less than three hours and eat before you show up as there’s no food permitted inside or discounted. Attempt to track down the famous regions first (Floating Nest, Forest of Lamps, The Crystal World) before the lines for a long time.

Details: Entrance is 3200 yen ($30) and books ahead of time as it frequently sells out. Tea is an additional 500 yen ($5). You can book on the TeamLab Borderless site or Voyagin and show the e-ticket on your telephone.

It’s open from 10 am – 7 pm consistently. It gets exceptionally occupied so stay away from ends of the week and public occasions and show up sooner than expected. We showed up at 9.55 am and got in 10 minutes (at times the standby is as long as 60 minutes).

TeamLab Borderless is situated in the Mori Building in Odaiba close to the goliath Ferris wheel. It’s a five-minute stroll from the Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line.

5) Ghibli Museum

Ghibli Museum, a well-known Tokyo fascination.

In case you’re a Studio Ghibli fan, don’t miss the unusual Ghibli Museum.

A large portion of the shows and short activities are in Japanese, yet it’s cool to see props and drawings from exemplary movies like Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, they even have replicas of ww1 airplanes, very interesting!

At the point when we visited there was an extraordinary presentation on the food that the characters in the movies eat. The tender loving care in the entire movie is amazing.

Details: It’s crucial to book tickets ahead of time—you can discover the subtleties on the Ghibli Museum site. Tickets cost 1000 yen ($9).

We booked our own online through Lawson—tickets go on special on the tenth of every month for the next month and sell out rapidly. On the off chance that you don’t figure out how to get tickets, Voyagin once in a while has last-moment tickets, yet you’ll pay a premium.

The historical center is a 15-minute stroll from Mitaka Station and somewhat more from Kitoji Station through a lovely park. Remember your visa, long sleeve hoodie (in case it gets cold, or a kaftan if you are visiting during the summer months)… and printed tickets!

6) Harajuku

Reasonable food models at Harajuku crepe stand, one of Tokyo’s top attractions.

Harajuku is Tokyo’s childhood neighborhood with Takeshita Street at its heart. It’s one of the most energetic and fun spots in Tokyo.

It becomes very busy at end of the week, yet it merits meandering around to see the cosplay kids, peruse the idiosyncratic style stores, and eat from one of the famous crepe stands—crepe with ice cream loaded down with a cut of cheesecake, anybody? Just take it easy with ice cream, so you don’t get brain freeze, because then you will have to call the best neurosurgeon in Austin tx.

Close by you can likewise visit the rich shopping road Omotesando, the Meiji sanctuary inside Yoyogi Park, and the Ota Museum (see underneath).

Details: Take the train to Harajuku Station and follow the groups.

We hope you’ll have a good time visiting Tokyo. It’s always a good option to contact an Arizona civil rights attorney before the trip, just in case if you run into any legal issues.

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